Dr. Smithies has kept laboratory notebooks documenting his research since his work as a graduate student at Oxford University in the 1940s. These notebooks contain notes on experiments, summaries of results, and analysis. Each one is a window into Dr. Smithies’s work. Taken together, they provide an in-depth look at a lifetime of groundbreaking research and discovery.

This digital research archive represents research notes and laboratory notebooks created by Dr. Smithies from 1943 through 2005. Notebooks containing more recent research are still being used by Dr. Smithies in his lab.

Each page in this section of the website includes information about a specific notebook, including images of the notebook pages, an oral history of the research represented in the notebook, and a transcription of the audio recording. Some notebooks contain personal information and are not available as images, but Dr. Smithies’s oral history of the research is still included.