Oliver Smithies:

[00:00:00] We’re looking at Book L, 1962, and it’s obvious that this work is grinding to a halt, because this is a very short book, and this is very short.  It begins on Wednesday, December 5rd.  Quite incomprehensible.  The [“Pandarina?”?] Wednesday December 5th, page 1 that is, “Pandarina?”, bought from Ward Biological Supply Company, and the culture media, also, [ur-derithia?], single column is now, what on earth this work is going on for, is at least obscure, or even [00:01:00] completely crazy.

On Thursday, December 6th, my writing on page 2, and on page 3, a large set of entries in completely different handwriting, quick inspections of stationary for the gel, still moving medium-size so looking at these cultures.  Perhaps I’m helping somebody.

Saturday, December 8th, something, looks the cells are dividing from the sketches.

Monday December 10th, [Ane?] has now thrown off a cell.  Cells are beginning to make projection.

And Tuesday, the other handwriting, and Wednesday, the other [00:02:00] handwriting going, and then the other handwriting continues to page 13, and then the rest of the book is completely blank, stopping on page 14.  So that’s a mystery book.